Jim watched our 3 cats while we were gone over the Christmas holidays. He was great with them,and they all loved him from the first time he came over, to get keys. He not only performed routine services like feeding, watering, and scooping the litter, but even vacuumed around the litter box, brought in our mail, and took the trash Can to the curb on pick-up day. He took extra time to play with them, did a daily head count to make sure everyone was there, and sent us daily texts and pictures so we could be assured that they were okay. We HIGHLY recommend J Greenland Pet Sitting, and he is the only sitter we will use in the future. We came home to cats who were calm and happy and well-taken-care-of, and I will feel much better going out of town in the future, knowing there is an affordable, trust-worthy sitter like Jim that we can rely on. Thank you!